Blogging with a plan

I’ve struggled with the fact that I just can’t get into blogging. It seems like the right thing to do. Most everyone in the Ed Tech Community blogs on a frequent basis. So what’s my problem? I completely subscribe to the PLN idea; I can’t imagine this past year without my ‘network’ and throughout my 20+ years in education I have tried to practice professional generosity. I read lots of blogs and have learned much from them. Yet I’ve completed 2 posts in 2 years.

I figured out why I don’t blog. Fear. Not fear of writing something that wouldn’t be worth reading. Not fear of no one reading it. Fear that someone would read it. What I mean is, say I complain (or even describe) a situation at work, what if the person I wrote about reads it? I guess I’m not really feeling confident in being able to consistently write wonderfully profound posts about technology in education. What I would write about would be my experiences, both good and bad. I’m worried that people would feel violated for ‘airing my dirty laundry’ if they were part of the laundry. Sure positive ones are fine to post, but sometimes it the adversity that make us reflective (aka more interesting to read, I think) Who only wants to read, or write, about all their successes? That gets a little boring.

So I decided to make an effort to blog regularly (once a week?) and model my posts after blogs like Larry Ferlazzo and iLearn Technology. I plan to write about a web site, gadget, piece of software, etc that I think others should know about. It might be a something new, it might be something more ‘tried and true’, but it will be something of worth to the K-8 teacher or student.

By putting this kind of structure on my posts and having a plan for what I write, I hope that at some point I will feel freer to write about my experiences. If you’d like to learn about some great ed tech tools and how to use them with students, then please add me to your Reader. Please grant me a little catharsis from time to time, too.

Thanks for reading.