Effective Technology Leadership

2009leadershipday02Happy Leadership Day 2009! As I watched my twitterfeed today, I noticed the hashtag #leadershipday09. After a little investigating, I learned that Leadership Day was started by Scott McLeod in 2007. The idea behind this day is for bloggers to craft posts to assist their (or any) adminstrator with the idea of being a leader with regard to educational technology. As Dr. McLeod says,

Administrators’ lack of knowledge is not entirely their fault. Most of them didn’t grow up with these technologies. Many are not using digital tools on a regular basis. Few have received training from their employers or their university preparation programs on how to use, think about, or be a leader regarding digital technologies.

There are a list of prompts on Dr. McLeod’s blog entry for this year’s Leadership Day. I have chosen this one:

Do administrators have to be technology-savvy themselves in order to be effective technology leaders in their organizations?

This prompt is particularly meaningful to me due to the fact that I have recently begun an administration and supervision program through Johns Hopkins University in partnership with ISTE, so I have been thinking about the link between adminstration and leadership with educational technology.

To be an effective administrator and technology leader in the 21st Century, one must:

  • understand technology is a critical piece to teaching and learning
  • support and expect the use of technology in their schools
  • recognize and understand the difference between effective and ineffective uses of technology in the classroom
  • provide professional development opportunities for district staff (including themselves) to learn more about effective use of technology in schools
  • budget and plan for the replacement of technology equipment
  • surround him/herself with tech-savvy staff
  • hire technology staff to manage and maintain the district/school infrastructure
  • stipulate accountability for teachers to use technology both personally and with their students
  • communicate the district vision of the use of technology in the teaching and learning process
  • develop a community of learners to foster continued learning with technology

I think administrators can be effective technology leaders without blogging, podcasting, or even having a twitter account. What is important is for administrators to understand the potential and power of these tools and value their use for students and teachers.

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3 Responses

  1. Great list! I think it should be part of an administrator’s contract and evaluation process. If you aren’t doing these things and at least moving in this direction, there is a major problem! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Judi,
    I can’t agree more. I’m just disappointed that leadership day doesn’t occur during the school year, when more teachers or tech folks are likely to share these thoughts with their administrators.

    By the way, i’m glad you’re pursuing a leadership degree. It fits you well!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posting! Thanks for sharing effective technology leadership insights. I agree that tech leaders must be able to recognize the educational implications of 21st century tools and support the integration of these tools in teaching and learning.


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