ISTE 10 Birds of A Feather Session ~ Great people, great ideas, great apps shared!

A BIG thanks to all those who attended the IEAR Birds of a Feather session at ISTE in Denver. The turnout was tremendous and the event a success due to all of us sharing apps and ideas. Scott Meech, founder of IEAR and educator extraordinaire (and all around good guy) and I have already discussed how next year we will LiveBlog, create a Google Doc, or create a backchannel for the apps shared. For this year, we will have to rely on my note-taking skills for what was shared in the session. Please feel free to add to this list with apps I may have missed, to correct my information, or add comments.

  • Simple note
  • Finger Piano $1.99
  • Discovery Education Geography $4.99
  • LanSchool
  • iCell Goodreader .99 (allows you to open attachments and google docs)
  • Mobile Air Mouse (allows you to control your computer with your iPod) $1.99
  • Mathsnacks free animation of concepts 4-8
  • Dragon Dictation
  • Iplay and learn free?
  • Easy Relax free?
  • Video science free
  • iBanner
  • QuickOffice HD
  • Louvre Museum free
  • Vincent Van Gogh museum app
  • Toy Story
  • So What: Three Little Pigs
  • Abc dinosaur book
  • Touch Goal
  • PenduGeo free
  • Mag Canvas
  • Draw
  • Sound Shaker free
  • Doodle Buddy (poop stamp)
  • Kidphone
  • Iwritewords
  • 3D brain
  • Newton cradle
  • Trace
  • Alien Equation .99
  • abc tracer and more 1.99 full app
  • Garfield cyberbullying app

Again, thanks to all who came and especially those who shared.

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