I’m Judith Epcke, a District Technology Integration Specialist in Northbrook, IL. In my role as a technology integration specialist, it’s my job (and passion) to show our teachers and staff how technology can transform their teaching and their students’ learning. Working with these adult learners, assisting them with their personal technology learning and helping them integrate technology into their teaching, is a true delight. I also enjoy learning from them. It thrills the teachers (and students) to have taught the “tech person” something about computers; it happens nearly everyday! I feel that it is important to continually be learning myself and not to be afraid to admit I don’t know everything.

Prior to my current position, I ran a K-5 school computer lab for 3 years and spent many years as a 4th grade teacher. It has been my pleasure to present at national and local education conferences on topics such as: curriculum development, the reading/writing process, and technology integration. Recently, I co-authored a book for teachers on using the software application, Comic Life.

Technology has truly kept me a life-long learner. I owe so much to my network in Twitter, Nings, ICE, NICE, NLU friends, EdTechTalk folk, and the educational community as a whole. I have had many mentors; of all ages. These are truly exciting times for education!

All writings are my own opinion and in no way represent the beliefs of my employer.

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