ISTE 10 Birds of A Feather Session ~ Great people, great ideas, great apps shared!

A BIG thanks to all those who attended the IEAR Birds of a Feather session at ISTE in Denver. The turnout was tremendous and the event a success due to all of us sharing apps and ideas. Scott Meech, founder of IEAR and educator extraordinaire (and all around good guy) and I have already discussed how next year we will LiveBlog, create a Google Doc, or create a backchannel for the apps shared. For this year, we will have to rely on my note-taking skills for what was shared in the session. Please feel free to add to this list with apps I may have missed, to correct my information, or add comments.

  • Simple note
  • Finger Piano $1.99
  • Discovery Education Geography $4.99
  • LanSchool
  • iCell Goodreader .99 (allows you to open attachments and google docs)
  • Mobile Air Mouse (allows you to control your computer with your iPod) $1.99
  • Mathsnacks free animation of concepts 4-8
  • Dragon Dictation
  • Iplay and learn free?
  • Easy Relax free?
  • Video science free
  • iBanner
  • QuickOffice HD
  • Louvre Museum free
  • Vincent Van Gogh museum app
  • Toy Story
  • So What: Three Little Pigs
  • Abc dinosaur book
  • Touch Goal
  • PenduGeo free
  • Mag Canvas
  • Draw
  • Sound Shaker free
  • Doodle Buddy (poop stamp)
  • Kidphone
  • Iwritewords
  • 3D brain
  • Newton cradle
  • Trace
  • Alien Equation .99
  • abc tracer and more 1.99 full app
  • Garfield cyberbullying app

Again, thanks to all who came and especially those who shared.

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2010 SET Conference Reading/Writing and Technology Links

Sites shared during my Connecting Reading and Writing with Technology presentation:

Link to presentation:

I must be #51

Congratulations to all those attending the Google Teacher Academy in Chicago on September 24, 2008. Out of over 220 candidates, 50 were chosen. I was sent a very nice email stating that I was ‘waitlisted’. So, if for any reason Miss America can’t fulfill her duties, I guess I’m in. I’ve done some thinking about what I will do differently next time I apply. Until that time comes, here are my essays as a Wordle chart. I was pleased to see that the most prominent words are those I would hope they would be.

Comments transferred

I know this is unconventional, but I have copied and pasted the comments from my blog here. Why? The very day I decided to get back into blogging, I also decided to switch to another blog hosting site. Unfortunately, I posted to my ‘old blog’ before switching over here. The comments below are inspiring me to continue and I didn’t want to lose them. I hope Classroom Queen, Dean Shareski (wow!), and Diane won’t mind. I also hope they’ll follow me here.
BloggerClassroom Queen said…
Welcome back to the land of blogging. I look forward to your thoughts and commentary on integrating technology into the curriculum. 8:14 PM
AnonymousDean Shareski said…
While I see value in twitter, it’s much more of a “snacking on learning” rather than the full meal. This is the place to truly share and extend your thinking. 2:15 AM
Bloggerdiane said…
Maybe we should all go back and re-read our first posting!I’ve been blogging for less than a year, but I can already see a change in my focus and expectations and, I hope, real growth in my understanding and connectivity.I don’t think of twitter as “snacking” but more as jotting down notes or leaving quick voice mails. It’s my short hand for things to investigate further and a way to keep in touch with colleagues and friends around the world.But my blog is for deeper thinking, more extended exploration.I need both in my life to fully round out my Voice.Glad you’re not confined to just a whisper any more! 9:32 AM